CNAPS 2017, September 20-22, Montpellier-France

Join us at the 10th International Symposium on Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum. Application to Cancer detection: Circulating cell free DNA (ccfDNA) is being explored as a diagnostic and prognostic tool for various diseases, especially cancer. Beyond evaluation of DNA mutational status, its blood concentration as well as its fragmentation profile has been … Continue reading

September 8, 2017

BIOMARKER DAYS, 14-15 Juin 2017, Montpellier-France

Picometrics Technologies présentera la technologie µLAS, une technologie innovante de profilage d’ADN circulant, directement à partir du plasma.  Ce profilage, qui donne la concentration et le profil de taille de l’ADN circulant, a le potentiel de devenir un biomarker de monitoring de traitement en oncologie. La technique va bien au-delà de ce que peuvent faire les … Continue reading

May 29, 2017

cfDNA 2017, April 6-7, Copenhagen

Picometrics is pleased to announce its partnership with IdSolutions and invites you to visit IdSolutions Booth # K at the 3rd International Meeting on Cell-Free DNA, Copenhagen, Denmark. Come and discover our cfDNA Analysis Services based on proprietary BIABooster technology with unrivalled sensitivity.… Continue reading

April 4, 2017